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lets trade some books!

International book exchange comunity
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All Members , Moderated
This comunity is for people who want to trade books with other people and share their favourite authors with near complete strangers in potentially foreign lands. If you have a book that you love and feel other people ought to know about, post about it here, if you want to recomend an author or share a good book review you are welcome to do it here also. But my real hope for this comunity is that people will use it to make actual book exchanges with other folks through the mail and thus spreading good books across the world at little cost to anyone.

the rules are few and simple:

1- don't spam this comunity with irrelevant garbage... relevant garbage is ok provided it is not excesssive.

2- you flame you are banned, please leave any pretention or confrontation in your own blog and treat everyone here as you would like to be treated.

3- please don't post mailing adresses here, e-mail is cool though. If you meet somebody who you want to make an exchange with please work the details out in your private correspondances.

All that being said, welcome to the comunity and happy trading!
abbie hoffman, adam smith, albert camus, allen ginsburg, aryeh kaplan, autobiographies, bagavad gita, bill bisset, biographies, bronte, c.g. jung, che guevara, cloud of unknowing, creative nonfiction, dadaism, dante aligheri, darwin, dickens, don quixote, dorothy day, dostoyevsky, eddas, edgar allen poe, ee cummings, emile zola, emma goldman, epic poetry, eugene ionesco, farley mowat, fiction, george orwell, gershom scholem, ghandi, graphic novels, guy debord, h.p. lovecraft, hakim bey, henry miller, homer, house of leaves, idries shah, irvine welsch, jack kerouac, james joyce, jatakas, jean cocteau, jim carrol, john milton, johnathan swift, jorge luis borges, journey to the west, jrr tolkien, kurt vonnegut, lemony snicket, leo tolstoy, leon uris, leonard cohen, lewis carrol, liberation theology, louis riel, magical realism, margaret atwood, martin luther king jr., marx, modernism, naomi klein, niel gaiman, noam chomski, pablo neruda, passage to india, philip berrigan, philip k dick, philip pullman, philosophy, poetry, political sciences, post modernism, psychology, ray bradburry, reading, richard brautigan, robert anton wilson, salmon rushdie, samuel becket, sigmund freud, situationism, stephen king, tao te ching, the master and margarita, the white goddess, theology, thomas merton, thomas paine, timothy leary, tom wolfe, truman capote, umberto ecco, virginia wolfe, warren ellis, washington irving, willhelm reich, william blake, william carlos williams, william gibson, william s. burroughs, writing, yukio mishima, zines